April 2, 2017

Tie Me Up

I found a young man who was being very naughty and very defiant to his BDSM Mistress! It is time I decide to whip my baby into learning some respect and manners ! Wearing nothing but all black leather with straps and buckles making me look very vicious and fearless of causing some pain to my baby.  I think it is time I tie him up in my new bondage set of ropes and cuffs and make him beg for my forgiveness. Whipping him from his back all the way down to his butt and forcefully bending him over my knees and really turning those cheeks red! Since I don’t want to hear him make any noises I decided to put a gag toy in his mouth to make him shut up while he takes my beatings. I can’t help how much it turns me on nailing my baby with some tough love to teach him a lesson. Call Me your mistress and let me  teach you a lesson, your first lesson is to Call Me for some BDSM Phone Sex! Susan 888-430-2010 Click Here to chat with a Phone Sex Mommy! #SpankMe #Naughtyboy #LeatherBeatings
February 27, 2017

Spanking Phone Sex With Crissy!

I need a naughty boy to test out my new paddle on.  Temporary time outs are just not enough of a punishment to teach a lesson anymore. You are in need of some proper disciplining through spanking phone sex! No other method has been as effective as spanking because empty threats aren’t enough to teach naughty adult babies  a lesson anymore. I say you grab them by the arm, bend them over your lap and get them to pull that diaper down to their ankles. Then you could decide whether you wanted to give it to them bare handed or with a paddle! I have two types of paddles I use for spankings. One is a leather paddle and one is a wooden one. I think the wooden one makes them wail and cry even more! Now get over here for your humiliation phone sex spanking session! Crissy 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a phone sex mommy! #spankingphonesex #abdldiscipline #diaperdomination  
February 27, 2017

Age Play Phone Sex With Mommy Ava

I don’t know why so many guys come to me for age play phone sex. Maybe its just because I’m sort of a mommy figure and they find comfort in that? I love all kinds of adult babies and diaper lovers inside the community. I take on any and all adult babies in need of a  mommy or just somebody to care for them. They’ll never feel lonely ever again after taking me on as their abdl mommy. Say bye bye to all the worries of being and adult too! Once I become their mommy I make it a priority to take care and tend to every single one of their needs that may occur. That’s including getting naughty with her abdl phone sex lovers! Ava 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a phone sex mommy! #abdlmommy #diaperlover#abdlphonesex
February 26, 2017

Fetish Phone Sex!

I am looking for a cum eating whore to have some naughty no taboo phone sex with! I have the perfect role play in mind for you. I love taking my cuckolds and forcing them to watch as another guy fucks me and cums in my pussy then I will force your head into my pussy and have you drink and lick up all the cum. I know what a cum slut you are, You know you’re not a man and I wanna show you what it’s like to be fucked by a real man with a huge cock because everyone knows how pathetic yours is. I mean you cock is so tiny my pinky is bigger! So lay down right now Tyrone is about to show you a good time and you better not start fighting it because you know you need it. Tyrone walks up to and smacks your face and opens your mouth nice and wide and shoves his huge cock into your little mouth and start fucking you hard and then he bends you over my desk and spreads apart your ass cheeks and starts oundin your ass, I see you throwing yourself back onto his cock see I always knew you secretly wanted cock didn’t you slut? Call me for some Fetish Phone sex! Tawny 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a phone sex mommy! #cuckold #notaboo #cuckoldingphonesex
February 26, 2017

Dirty Sanchez Phone Sex

I am going to take my sexy boyfriend and bend him over our bed and Take out my huge strap on and make sure to have it on then once he gets home I am going to give him a couple of laxatives and let the fun really begin. I walk him back to the bed lay him down and lift his legs over his head and slide my strap on into his tight ass nice and deep he cries out “oh yes” And start going in and out nice and fast and then to make his beg I slow way down to wear he can feel every inch of it sliding out from the tip to the base. I tell him to reach down and starts rubbing his cock at the same time! I start smacking his ass and then spit on him and tell him he is such a naughty whore! He tell me that his tummy is feeling like he has to shit and I said “you better hold it” I start pounding faster and he shoot his hot load out and it goes everywhere, I gently slide my cock out of his ass and notice there is some shit left on my cock and I tell him to sit up and I wipe the shit right above his mouth! Call me for some fetish phone Sex! Janey 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a Phone Sex mommy! #scatplay #pegging #fetishsex
February 23, 2017

Family Strap On Sex

Yes, you’ve been looking all kinds of fetish phone sex strap-ons, but it seems like you like the biggest ones the best!  So your sister and I decided to get our own, and we’re going to fuck you with them.  I want you to get on your hands and knees, and ask us nicely to fuck you.  If you beg prettily enough, your sister is going to get behind you, spread your ass cheeks apart, and slide her massive phone sex ten-inch cock into your tight hole. It’s going to hurt and burn but I bet you’ll love it.   I’m going to watch for a few minutes, instruct you to bend your back more, tilt that pretty ass of yours up so you can take more of your sister’s cock. I’m going to make fun of how hard you are, how excited you are because you’ve already dribbled a little puddle of cum underneath you. Then I’m going to kneel in front of you, and slide my own cock into your mouth.  I’m going to make sure that I’m touching the back of your throat, then I’m going to pinch your nose close so you won’t have any choice but to breathe around my cock. I’m going to shove myself in your mouth so hard that your jaws will hurt for days, and you won’t be able to sit comfortably for a week because of how hard your sister is fucking you! Would you like to hear more about how used you’re going feel? Call me for some humiliation incest phone sex! If you’d like to read the first part of this story, click here.                       Brenda 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with a phone sex Mommy #mommysonincest #straponfetish #sisterbrotherincest