Auntie Rachel

July 8, 2008

On Your Knees

thats right get on your knees like a good little sissy that you are. that is the place where you are suppose to be and i want to see you crawling across this floor like i told you. you don’t deserve to be walking crawl sissy like the dog you are. and if you are a good little sissy i might take you for a walk in the park and show everyone what a good little sissy dog you really are. now roll over and pant. you might even get a nice doggie treat. lmao don’t you look funny that is right you are just were you are suppose to be in the floor on your knees in front of me. rachel
July 14, 2008

on your knees part #2

thought i told you to crawl well it seems like you don’t listen very well do you or are you hard of hearing,well if that be the case i can help you out with that problem.* smack* across that ass should help you realize what i have been telling you. that you are nothing but a dog and will be treated as such.maybe this collar will help remind you just what you are hmm. rachel
July 23, 2008


can’t you see i am so hot and ready for you won’t you cum and help me out.i need that cock of your deep inside of me thrusting in and out cum make squirm i know you can and you really want to so call me baby  i am waiting. RACHEL 1-888-430-2010
July 30, 2008


Does this one need a good punishment of some kind. well you have found the right one my sweet. i can hand out some of the best that you will ever get. need to be tied up,strapped, beat, or maybe even have a strap-on used on you,i love all kinds of role-plays i can be sweet and i can be not so nice so call me and find out what kind of mood i am in today. Rachel
August 4, 2008

need a nanny

does this little one need a nanny well here i am my sweet little thing. i am one of the best nanny’s on the net. need some tender loving care, or maybe that diaper changed or just some tears wiped away and someone to tell you its going to be alright. well sweetie i can and will do that for you. RACHEL
August 13, 2008

sweet nanny

i love being a nanny i think we are so very important to the babies. because we are there to teach them all the things that mommy and daddy doesn’ when if that baby has a bad dream and i come into your  room and take you into mine and tuck you under my covers and snuggle really close with you. i bet you would enjoy that. especially since you seen your daddy snuggling up close with your nanny. and he told you he had a bad dream and i was making it go away. want to snuggle up good and close with this nanny give a call sweetie. would love to do that. Rachel
August 27, 2008

Anything Goes

hey there all you naughty boys have you ever had a nanny as dirty and naughty as i am bet you haven’t.i love my toys when i don’t have a man around to play with.i love to play with all kind of things i do love to get kinky. i wonder what kind of toys you would have for me to play with,if you have any cum and play with me.i promise to give you a really good time with or without those toys. Rachel
September 2, 2008

Naughty Nanny

oh yes my little ones i can be as naughty as you and probably more so since nanny has had more experience.but since you have been bad you really need to come and see me and see what kind of punishment i have for might be a spanking,blindfolded,tied up or just never know with me. so come and see you nanny rachel. Rachel
September 12, 2008

Think you can

So you really think your ready to take this hot nanny on do you.well come on little man and we shall see if you can.i am one hot and horny bitch.and that cock of yours had better be big and hard and ready for me because if its not you will not get anywhere near this ass of you really need to call me you horny little ass fucker. Rachael 1-888-430-2010