July 19, 2012

Horny mom at thebeach

I am a real horny mom and I just love to wear skimpy swim wear while I sun myself at the beach. This is a topless secluded beach I am just laying out with my great tits on display for all the horny men walking around to check out. I hear a noise and sit up to look and as I shield my eyes from the sunshine ,you walk up and sit down in front of me. I just look at you biting my bottom lip with a knowing smile..mmm let the games begin I think. All of a sudden you reach in your back pocket and pull out a silk scarf and then u blindfold me with it. then u start to lead me away from my sunny spot to a small but lavish tent. I noticed we have stopped then u remove my blindfold. What I see is so sexy! the tent is made of the same red silk that you blindfolded me with and there is candles everywhere. I notice silver platters of many types of fruit. You look at me and you don’t say a word you just point to a big round bed in the middle of the area of the tent and I walk over and lay down. I start to feel hands all over me as soon as I lay down. The bed is made of people that are encased in the blankets. They are touching me all over, They are feeling my supple breasts they are caressing my thighs and then one of them shows himself and starts to kiss all over my legs all the way up to my wet clit.  All the while this amazingly sexy man that led me here is watching all this steamy sexual fueled fiery passion ensuing in front of him. he walked over to us and joined in kissing and feeling my soft skin. Cum see this Horny mommy on the beach… XXXXxxxCrissyxxxxXXXX 1*888*430*2010
August 2, 2012


They line up waiting on the long boards they are directed to walk to each one dressed the same as all.The crowd is whispering until they see them walking the line and looking down into the crowd.As each slave in told to come foreward the crowd gets even louder.The women loves the looks of the new slaves being auctioned off.The training of these slaves will be very  tiresome some will be trained to be sex slaves,foot,body,cuckold,stocking,shoe,etc and mainly just whatever these women want them to be these slaves are here to be auctioned off and to make sure they give the upmost pleasure to their owners if not then they will go and be auctioned off at another place that they would not want to be. Doris 1.888.430.2010 http://www.madisonenterprise.com/callme.html
August 21, 2012

Sensual Scents

You love the smell of most anything especially women they are and have the most erotic scents about them.You love it when she strips off her clothing one piece at a time teasing you She bends over and takes her cool sweet time turning the water on in the massive tub then she takes a bottle of Jasmine oil that you bought her while you were vacationing over seas.You love the sensual scent of this woman most of all you inhale her scent as she walks by you.Smiling as she kinda twist her butt cheeks and looking all shyly at you then as she walks back toward you.Those arms of yours snake out and grab her holding her tightly against your chest leaning down and staking claim to those lips you love of hers. She twist out of your embrace laughing back into the bathroom and stepping down into the tub of Jasmine oil letting out a long sigh as the hot water envelopes her body then she turns your way watching you as you stand in the door way looking like a man in love for the first time.Then she takes the sponge and pours bathsoap onto the sponge and she hears a gasp she looks up and she sees that you are more than ready for her.She notices that you are stripping your clothing off swiftly and joining her in the bath. Doris 1.888.430.2010
August 27, 2012

Bound and Gagged

Oh but you disobeyed me did you not sneaking around at night slipping out thru the windows bad thing to do especially when you got caught.Now look at you all bound and gagged in my basement of torment and this is where you will stay.Until i decide other wise we discussed this earlier in the time that you wanted to be my slave i told you what i expected and that was complete honest with me but no you chose not to be and after only one week.Now tell me even after you signed the papers why did you lie to me and do this was it because you wanted to be punished even more than what has happened. Now you have crossed so many lines with me i am going to leave you like this until i might cool down and might not.You will just have to stay here and wait and see mean time i am going shopping and out to dinner with some friends and you slave will stay bound and gagged laying on this floor. Victoria 1.888.430.2010
September 12, 2012

On his knee’s

He is forced to crawl across the floor to get what he wants from her he wants her so badly that he will do just anything to have her.She is his soul mate or so he thinks she has rebuffed him at everything he has tried to get her to be his nothing has worked so he came to this if he takes and strips everything off and bares himself to her body and soul will she see how much he cares for her. He isn’t too sure but he does it anyways as he is on the floor naked and waiting his thoughts to this woman that has captured him.She rarely smiles and when she does it lights up his whole world but when she isn’t smiling that he has stepped over some line her rage is uncontrol able.But he doesn’t care he wants her with everything in his body and soul. Doris 1.888.430.2010 awesome drawing : smalldrawings :
September 17, 2012


The time is endless or so it seems all strapped into a chair and cock and ball all bound up then electric prod’s at the tip of your cock and you were told not to move or it would be turned on but you want to squirm and move just a little bit not much but so afraid of what she may do if you do move.This Mistress is a sadist and you know it because you have dealt with her rage before.She is really in a rage because you didn’t kneel before her when you showed up at her door and was one sec late also. Wondering what how long she will leave you like this i need to be at work but you know she is not turning you loose anytime soon and since it is friday she most likely will keep you here all weekend she will not allow any bathroom breaks at all she never does and oh the mess it makes but she laughs at you and then makes you clean the whole place before you are allowed to leave.Then all of a sudden she turns it on oh no the pain the sensation please you beg her to turn it off but its all in that feeble mind of yours because you are gagged and can’t speak.All you can do is thrash and squirm to let her know how bad the pain is and all she does is laugh and take pics of you. Victoria 1.888.430.2010
October 11, 2012

Domina Crissy & the watcher

I got a hot little tale to tell you my reader Domina Crissy & the watcher hope u are ready to be naughty with me. I know your watching me right now peeping in my window as I slip out of my corset and panties. You get instantly hard as you watch my reflection in the full length mirror I stand there admiring my nakedness you see my nice big breasts with my round pink nipples then you start to fantasize what it would be like to suckle my sweet nipples. Looking further down past my firm abs is my shaved pink pussy. You wanna lap at my hot little clit and make me scream don’t you? Maybe when I am sleeping you would like to tongue my nipples. I turn around in the mirror & you duck out of sight. I leave the room and run my bath then when you hear my bathroom door close you open my window and slip inside the room. The first thing you do is pull my sticky,wet panties off the chair I left them on and take a nice long whiff of my juices. You creep closer to the bathroom door ,listening for any sounds I make. You do not hear anything so u assume I am relaxing in the serenity of my bubbles. So you start to feel even braver you sit down on the chair in front of my mirror cover your face with my panties and pull your hard cock out of your pants & wrap my panties around your cock as you are pretending your buried deep in my welcoming,warm & wet pussy with every jerk of your cock your eyes close in lust of this dirty moment your having with yourself. You do not notice me sneak into the room and come up behind you,I turn the chair around to face me you see me not wet from my bath but dressed to dominate in a full shiny black pvc catsuit with matching boots. I look at you and smile seductively”I see you started without me,guess I will have to teach you what happens when you try to go first with out your Mistress .” You gasp unsure of what to do or say next knowing you better choose your words carefully “What do u wish me to do,please instruct me mistress I am yours to command?” First things first I say “get rid of your clothes right now!” You immediately strip & stand in front of me holding your hard cock. ” I point to the panties you still have in your hand “Slip into them and do a sexy little dance for me show me how much you love to watch while I watch you!” Your nervous but you put the panties on & dance around the room never taking your eyes off me. I walk up behind you and grab your cock and whisper “Do u like being watched?” You nod and I tighten my grip on your hard cock “I bet this feels good,does’nt it having my hands on you?” I feel your cock throbbing in my panties and you make a sticky mess in them while I have you in my hand. I push you up against the wall unhook the top of my catsuit and start to rub my bare breast’s on your chest “You are gonna get hard again for me aren’t you?” I pull your panties down and shove them in your mouth. “Clean em off swallow every drop who knows you might get a reward for following my […]
January 5, 2013


Ever dream much well i do and sometimes they are just so hot and erotic i wake up wet between my legs.Then that hot feeling is with me all freaking day long until i get some release now we all know how i am going to do that right. I love it when my neighbors son comes home from school since he goes to school out of state i don’t see much of him.But when that rare time he comes home to his parents he always makes sure he comes to visit me also.Its like he knows when i start having those erotic hot dreams he drops his bags in the front door way and here he comes to visit with me.As soon as he gets my front door closed he is stripping down to his pure naked glory.Doesn’t matter what i am doing he takes me right where i am time and time again he fucks me.Can’t wait till his next visit because i am more than ready for him.I get so hot thinking of all the naughty things he does to me hmmm so hot. Minnie 1.888.430.2010
June 23, 2015

Ms Ava the Cuckold Queen

Oh you poor thing, I can see your one of those unfortunate men that has a teeny tiny little dick! Poor, poor little cuckold loser. Oh my goodness there is nothing more embarrassing than a loser who either can’t get it up, keep it up, or doesn’t measure up. I love humiliating men with little baby dicks. Little baby dicks belong in little baby diapers. I can’t wait to show your little pee pee to all my friends. Its so obvious that you need a sexy Domme like me to use you and train you as my little sissy cuckold. How about we start with some strap on training, then we can move on to the real thing…. Call Ms Ava for your small penis humiliation phonesex! 888*430*2010