August 2, 2012


They line up waiting on the long boards they are directed to walk to each one dressed the same as all.The crowd is whispering until they see them walking the line and looking down into the crowd.As each slave in told to come foreward the crowd gets even louder.The women loves the looks of the new slaves being auctioned off.The training of these slaves will be very  tiresome some will be trained to be sex slaves,foot,body,cuckold,stocking,shoe,etc and mainly just whatever these women want them to be these slaves are here to be auctioned off and to make sure they give the upmost pleasure to their owners if not then they will go and be auctioned off at another place that they would not want to be. Doris 1.888.430.2010
September 12, 2012

On his knee’s

He is forced to crawl across the floor to get what he wants from her he wants her so badly that he will do just anything to have her.She is his soul mate or so he thinks she has rebuffed him at everything he has tried to get her to be his nothing has worked so he came to this if he takes and strips everything off and bares himself to her body and soul will she see how much he cares for her. He isn’t too sure but he does it anyways as he is on the floor naked and waiting his thoughts to this woman that has captured him.She rarely smiles and when she does it lights up his whole world but when she isn’t smiling that he has stepped over some line her rage is uncontrol able.But he doesn’t care he wants her with everything in his body and soul. Doris 1.888.430.2010 awesome drawing : smalldrawings :
October 11, 2012

Domina Crissy & the watcher

I got a hot little tale to tell you my reader Domina Crissy & the watcher hope u are ready to be naughty with me. I know your watching me right now peeping in my window as I slip out of my corset and panties. You get instantly hard as you watch my reflection in the full length mirror I stand there admiring my nakedness you see my nice big breasts with my round pink nipples then you start to fantasize what it would be like to suckle my sweet nipples. Looking further down past my firm abs is my shaved pink pussy. You wanna lap at my hot little clit and make me scream don’t you? Maybe when I am sleeping you would like to tongue my nipples. I turn around in the mirror & you duck out of sight. I leave the room and run my bath then when you hear my bathroom door close you open my window and slip inside the room. The first thing you do is pull my sticky,wet panties off the chair I left them on and take a nice long whiff of my juices. You creep closer to the bathroom door ,listening for any sounds I make. You do not hear anything so u assume I am relaxing in the serenity of my bubbles. So you start to feel even braver you sit down on the chair in front of my mirror cover your face with my panties and pull your hard cock out of your pants & wrap my panties around your cock as you are pretending your buried deep in my welcoming,warm & wet pussy with every jerk of your cock your eyes close in lust of this dirty moment your having with yourself. You do not notice me sneak into the room and come up behind you,I turn the chair around to face me you see me not wet from my bath but dressed to dominate in a full shiny black pvc catsuit with matching boots. I look at you and smile seductively”I see you started without me,guess I will have to teach you what happens when you try to go first with out your Mistress .” You gasp unsure of what to do or say next knowing you better choose your words carefully “What do u wish me to do,please instruct me mistress I am yours to command?” First things first I say “get rid of your clothes right now!” You immediately strip & stand in front of me holding your hard cock. ” I point to the panties you still have in your hand “Slip into them and do a sexy little dance for me show me how much you love to watch while I watch you!” Your nervous but you put the panties on & dance around the room never taking your eyes off me. I walk up behind you and grab your cock and whisper “Do u like being watched?” You nod and I tighten my grip on your hard cock “I bet this feels good,does’nt it having my hands on you?” I feel your cock throbbing in my panties and you make a sticky mess in them while I have you in my hand. I push you up against the wall unhook the top of my catsuit and start to rub my bare breast’s on your chest “You are gonna get hard again for me aren’t you?” I pull your panties down and shove them in your mouth. “Clean em off swallow every drop who knows you might get a reward for following my […]
December 10, 2012

facesitting heel worship

I wonder what our next night will be like the first night we met was all about facesitting&heel worship. You walked into my place just a shy little submissive.I intimidated you right away with my ethereal raw sexiness, my creamy skin looked as if it would be very soft you ached to touch me. I was very clear about the rules You were not allowed to look me in the eyes. Only time you could speak when you are beckoned to do so. The last one was the one that most frightened you, with out hesitation you had to follow my every direction,No matter what was asked of you. You stole a glance at me seeing my rocking body in encased by that shiny black latex catsuit and on my feet I wore matching shiny black heels. I snapped my fingers and told you to lay on the big bed in the middle of the room. You were laying down instantly then you watched as I got undressed.”You are absolutely not allowed to touch yourself until I am served and satisfied, Nod if you understand?” You nodded My beautiful breasts were now visible my nipples were both very hard. You saw my delectable pussy with a small tuft of hair. I started to climb onto your face “service me sub!” I said and I did not need to tell you twice you started licking me and nuzzling and sucking my wet clit. I moaned as you slid your tongue in and around my hot box, then started to burst forth my sweet berry juices you swallowed it all down. I climbed off of you and stood next to the bed and you stayed laying down til I told you to get on all fours I lifted my heel that I had on and said worship my heel sub. You crawled over to my heel and kissed and held and licked my heel all over making it shiny with your saliva.Then I pushed you away and said “lovely, sub I can see my self in my heel!” Very Loyal of you not so shy anymore. Kisses Crissy 1*888*430*2010
December 24, 2012

Naughty ab sitter

Sharise was a naughty ab sitter, she liked to care for the twin adult babies that lived across the street when the parents away Sharise liked to play. First of all she was a very sexy 17 year old that knew how to show it all off. She walked into the house and the twins had to stop staring at her other wise they would try to hide the bulging in their diapers. Sharise had on a very short black frilly skirt with high cut panties and matching low cut top. The twins devised all kinds of ways to get the sitter to bounce or bend over. They were playing with blocks on the kitchen counter and all of a sudden a few of the blocks fell off and the sitter was quick to bend over and get them for them as she did they both got a full view of her big round luscious nipples. Making their mouth’s water. She knew she was radiating lusty energy. She thought she could use it to her advantage, so she said if you two give me a real nice back rub then I will give both of you a real special treat. The twins got right to it rubbed her back for quite a while. After they were done she said “Oh you both did such a good job, would you like your treat?” The twins smiled and nodded. Sharise motioned for them to both sit next to her on the kitchen counter. She started to smile and said “better be nice, better think twice.” Slowly she unbuttoned her top , the twins eyes started to get bigger with every button, then her full breasts bounded out. She took the twins hands then put them on each tit causing shivers to go through her body as they fingered her nipples. She started to lay back on the counter and the twins lay on each side of her still playing with her nipples. She started to pull their hands away from her tits and placed them on her inner thighs, guiding their hands up next to her panties. She pulled her panties down and the twins slipped down to the floor. She spread her creamy thighs nice and wide so her pussy was on display one twin crawled onto the counter and pulled his thick cock out of his diaper and slipped inside of her thrusting harder harder til he exploded and moaned. He got off the counter and the other twin started to caress and lick her pussy. Sharise’s legs started moving as she felt her juices starting to flow from her warm,wet pussy into the twin’s hungry lips. She looked up and said “Do it again this time both of you please your sitter’s pussy!” The twins aimed to do just that. wet kisses Crissy 1*888*430*2010
January 21, 2013


This is a fun poem I found on Is my girlfriend into femdom? That’s something I need to see. I’ll list off some stuff And then you can tell me! She only refers to me as a boy, not a man. She’s asked me “who do you think could take it deeper, you or me?” She’s asked me if you’d like to have anal sex even though she’s told me she’d never let me put it in her butt. For my last birthday when you said you wanted golf balls, she got you a ball gag instead. She says I look fine even though the orthopedic shoe insoles she got me make me walk like a girl. She got excited when I decided to work on my car but got mad later when she found out I said I was going to “change my SPARK plugs” not “butt plugs.” So what do you think? Am I crazy? Am I mad? Or does she want to make me Her femdom lad? Crissy 1*888*430*2010
January 28, 2013

Sneaky Lacy

I did something just a wee little bit naughty this week! I was just about to have some special Lacy time (hehehe) when Daddy said we were going to have lunch over at one of my ABy friends houses. Well I had already gotten myself soooo excited that I couldn’t just get up and go to lunch without having a little bit of fun! I picked one my little but mighty vibrators and stuck it down my diaper between my little pussy lips, and I ran downstairs to leave with Daddy! When we got to our ABy friends house, I slipped into an empty room and put my hand down my diaper and turned my little pink vibrator on. I knew right away that it was on wayyy to high hehehe, but Daddy came in to get me before I got a chance to turn it down! My legs were like jello while I felt myself get completely soaked in my diaper! Daddy told me and my ABy friend to go play while lunch was getting fixed. I just knew that ABy Tony could tell something was up with me hehehe! He asked how come my cheeks were all pink and I was squirming around. I started giggling and almost couldn’t stop to catch my breath while I told him that I had snuck a little toy in my diapy! Tony was so curious he asked if he could play with his diaper while he watched me squirm in mine on the floor. With Tony watching it wasn’t long before I felt my little pussy explode in my soaked diaper! Weeeeee it felt soooo good hehehehe!! It’s always fun to be a little naughty! love, Lacy 1.888.430.2010
February 1, 2013

Foot fetish

Z. had a foot fetish he would get hard even thinking about a gorgeous pair of ladies feet in silk stockings or black leather heels. I had a real surprise planned for him he came home so exhausted from his day as soon as he caught a glimpse of me in my sheer nightie & matching thigh highs he grabbed me and lifted me on to the kitchen table splaying his fingertips up to my thigh and rubbing all the way down to my ankle. He traced the length of my toes kissing each one then started to lick my feet after this he started to make his way up my thigh. I could feel his hard cock pushing against his pants so I unzipped them and it sprang free like an animal being released from its cage. Horny as ever he pulled me off the table on to the big rug then he lay there as he positioned feet around his throbbing cock making a stocking clad pussy shape with my arches, he had me stroke his cock till he covered my stocking’s with his juices! Crissy 1*888*430*2010
February 4, 2013

Milky Milky

ABies can be nasty naughty little things. Always trying to put their hands down their diapers and tugging on their weewees until they’re sticking out and then getting them to squirt all over the inside of their dirty diapers. Filthy little ABies! When I’m babysitting I’m very strict about exactly what kind of fun my adult babies are allowed to have. Any little bit of misbehavior and there is absolutely no special fun allowed for my bad ABies. Of course, I know adult babies who aren’t allowed to play with themselves, or with their hot and teasing sitters, still need to get all that sticky messy cum out. So what I have to do is milk their dirty little weewees. I set them up on their changing mat and put on a latex glove before I open up their diaper to see their pathetic little weewee. Milking is a very laborious process. You have to get a firm grip at the base, then squeeze and roll upwards till you reach the shiny pink head. Once you’ve got your rhythm down you feel it become easier, pulling and stretching while your naughty ABy lies there confused and crying. Soon enough the tip begins to ooze, slowly at first, then more steadily as it drips all over my gloved hand. It’s important to get every last little drop out when you’re milking ABies. Otherwise you might catch them, hand down their diapering huffing and puffing while they tug on themselves hehehe. Nasty little things! xoxo Samantha 1.888.430.2010