April 14, 2012

Hot milf action

Hot milf action with mommy Crissy is always so imaginative and addicting. I had one of the dirtiest craziest fantasy’s the other night I was with my friend Jasmine and we were at our fave shop in the dressing room. She was trying on this really sexy dress and I was trying on the most beautiful corset and skirt I could find. She asked me to help her with the clasps in the back of her dress so I stepped behind her and I had no idea how good she smelled like lilacs and roses and I clasped her 2 bottom clasps and she reached her pretty hand under my silver skirt and started caressing my thigh. I started thinking about what to do next and I just went with it and I slipped my had under the top half of her dress and grasped her full, round breast and fingered her nipple and she moaned softly. “I have been wanting to do this” I said and she turned around and started lowering herself until she was just below my breast and then she said two words”Me too.” She unhooked the front of my corset and played with my breasts with her hands and her tongue. pinching and licking them vigorously. She was making my pussy so wet and I think she could tell cause she pulled me to the floor and flipped my skirt up and put her face in my hot honey hole and she was using her finger tips to heighten my pleasure. I grabbed her shoulder’s and said “Jasmine we need to do this right and I tore off her dress and straddled her face and she giggled and I took such sweet time licking her  twat like a kitten with cream. I want to tell you even more about my fantasy with Jasmine it got even hotter after that If you want to hear more give me a call and I will steam your boxers up with sexalicious talk. yim:phonemommycrissy
April 30, 2012

Corset sex with Crissy

I will give you the most intense corset sex you have ever had. I am the hot little secret you have waiting for you after a business trip in your hotel room wearing nothing but a corset and a smile. my hair is splayed all over the bed and as you walk in to the room I have my corset undone and pulled partly down to expose my big round breasts and I am pinching them getting em so hard kinda like my nipples are saying welcome to you. You start to get so fucking hard at the sight of my mostly naked form on the bed you layed in the night before and pleasured yourself while looking at my hot wet pictures I took just for you. Getting close to the edge of the bed you start to undress as I watch you my pussy gets so soaking wet at the anticipation of your rock hard cock up inside my slit. Then you climb on top of me and wet your fingertips and trace rough circles around my nipples knowing I love the feel of my tits being handled roughly. I moan as you drive your big dick into my hot naughty hole. “fuck my sweaty pussy, you love it when its so wet!” I scream I dig my nails into your back and your hand trails down to my clit as your piledriving inside me and you can’t help yourself you flick that clit and spit on it and rub it between two fingers driving me further into sexual hot orgasmic heights. Our bodies are almost melting together as we cum and cum again. I can still feel your cock riding me and turning me inside out. What amazing times we have you and I me your hot little sexy secret and you my busy business man. Call me again and we can ravage each other all over … i can watch you on cam during a call and I also offer text sessions as an alternative to phone sessions. yim:phonemommycrissy XXXXCrissyXXXXX
May 18, 2012

fuck my face

I’m one slut your friends really wish they could get. I love going down on you in front of them. Getting on my knees while you and your friends are watching t.v . You giving me a facial with your yummy cummie. My tight hot cunt dripping with my essence waiting for you to take me from behind and fuck me like you always do but this time is different your friends have other plans. Your friends are watching us me on all fours dripping sweat and you with your big hard throbbing member getting ready to fuck my face. I am topless and ready to get down with you in front and your friend Kyle walks up behind me and starts putting his hands all over my ass he has a big bottle of lube and starts to dizzle it on my asshole so I am nice and wet and then he reaches down and pulls my ankles out further toward him and then he starts fucking my tight ass. I bet I know what your thinking right now you wanna do it too don’t you? You wanna fuck my silky lips and cum all over me. Call me now and you can!! 1*888*430*2010 or international 714*442*2402 yim:phonemommycrissy
June 3, 2012


I said i would humiliate you in front of all your friends,family,coworkers just whomever i please and wherever i please to humiliate you at i would do it.And you have tried to get the balls to ask me why even  cum crawling back on those knees begging me to tell you why i did it.So tell me this what did it get you nothing is right that is because you don’t deserve answer to those mind blogging questions that floats thru your head at times.You deserve nothing from me and that is exactly what you get except my disgust at your attempts to get on my good side and as you have found out the hard way i don’t have a good side to me.So back on those knees and crawl back where you came from. Victoria 1.888.430.2010
June 25, 2012

Humiliation phonesex

Humiliation phonesex is such a faveorite past time of mine. Mistress Crissy takes much pleasure in leaving you in emotional pain. Yes,you with that pathetic excuse for a dick and the silly look on your face like you are wishing how you could get a piece of ass from a hot sexy chick instead you should be working on your lousy skills as a lover. I must have to teach you to do everything get down on all fours and beg for mommies sweet juices, come on now your not moving fast enough. the Loud crack of a nice leather paddle can be heard. Awww what is with all the whimpering?? You scared of mommy’s big black patent leather boot heels? Good,you should be better to stomp on your ego with!!! Now come over here and grab your ankles and give yourself to my big black strapon!! Oh,look at the little bratty abie being bent over and fucked from behind,see how he cries and shakes. Come on down to my dungeon of darkplaces….. 1*888*430*2010
July 6, 2012

Shoe fetish slut

There once was a sexy babe called crissy and I am a shoe fetish slut,she was blond,horny. I am very into hanging with a unique crowd. One night I went to a seedy motel and walked in the room she was told to go into and there on the bed was a man that was layed across the bed covered in all kinds of different ladies shoes. There was stiletto heels and lace-up black pattened leather boots in all sorts of colors. He looked up at me and said “Oh,boy your here,great let me see you slowly take off your clothes and remove thoes fabulous heels!!! I stared at him and smiled and then I started to unhook my corset top showing my beautiful tits in my lacey black bra. I notice his hard dick popping out of the pile of shoes laid out on top of him. I started to slide out of my short black skirt exposing my lacey thong. He moaned on the bed getting so turned on. I stood before him in my bra and panties and waited he got up and walked over to where I stood and got down on all fours layed on his back with his face directly under my wet thong. He reached up and pulled my thong aside to reveal my hot shaved pussy and he leaned up and tongued my wet clit. just as I was about to close my eyes he stopped and got up to walk over to the bed and grabbed a very expensive black stiletto with sparkley sequins and he rubbed it all over my hot pussy and then proceeded to sniff and lick the shoe and masturbate behind me. “Say don’t I look hot in these heels!” I looked at him and then repeated the phrase and he orgasmed and fell back into a chair. I left the room as he feel asleep. mmmm another happy customer. xxxxxxxxxCrissyXXXX
July 19, 2012

Horny mom at thebeach

I am a real horny mom and I just love to wear skimpy swim wear while I sun myself at the beach. This is a topless secluded beach I am just laying out with my great tits on display for all the horny men walking around to check out. I hear a noise and sit up to look and as I shield my eyes from the sunshine ,you walk up and sit down in front of me. I just look at you biting my bottom lip with a knowing smile..mmm let the games begin I think. All of a sudden you reach in your back pocket and pull out a silk scarf and then u blindfold me with it. then u start to lead me away from my sunny spot to a small but lavish tent. I noticed we have stopped then u remove my blindfold. What I see is so sexy! the tent is made of the same red silk that you blindfolded me with and there is candles everywhere. I notice silver platters of many types of fruit. You look at me and you don’t say a word you just point to a big round bed in the middle of the area of the tent and I walk over and lay down. I start to feel hands all over me as soon as I lay down. The bed is made of people that are encased in the blankets. They are touching me all over, They are feeling my supple breasts they are caressing my thighs and then one of them shows himself and starts to kiss all over my legs all the way up to my wet clit.  All the while this amazingly sexy man that led me here is watching all this steamy sexual fueled fiery passion ensuing in front of him. he walked over to us and joined in kissing and feeling my soft skin. Cum see this Horny mommy on the beach… XXXXxxxCrissyxxxxXXXX 1*888*430*2010
August 2, 2012


They line up waiting on the long boards they are directed to walk to each one dressed the same as all.The crowd is whispering until they see them walking the line and looking down into the crowd.As each slave in told to come foreward the crowd gets even louder.The women loves the looks of the new slaves being auctioned off.The training of these slaves will be very  tiresome some will be trained to be sex slaves,foot,body,cuckold,stocking,shoe,etc and mainly just whatever these women want them to be these slaves are here to be auctioned off and to make sure they give the upmost pleasure to their owners if not then they will go and be auctioned off at another place that they would not want to be. Doris 1.888.430.2010
August 3, 2012

Sexynurse plays with stethoscope

I am sexynurse Crissy and my exam room is always open. I love to wear the skimpiest little daringly low-cut red latex nursing dress and these lacey black thong panties. I get so turned on with your eye’s on me like that looks like you wanna bend me over this desk and put your hands in my panties feeling the sweet juices that are makeing thoes lacey panties so soaking wet at the thought of your body pressed against mine and vigorously pounding my hot snatch from behind. You then walk over to me and do just that bend me over so my sexy tight ass is in the air then you reach around the front of me with both hands you tear open my dress causing my breast’s to bounce free. You pull and pinch my nipples wetting your fingers for the added effect of sensation on me,you reach for my lacey thong,pull it aside and you pulverise me with your hard dick. I start to moan and match each of your thrusts making you enter my hot snatch even deeper. We have body pounding sex against the desk for a while then you grunt loudly as you explode inside me. I wanna show you what I do with my stethoscope I say breathlessly. You look at me with such curious mischief and I wonder if your ready for this? Waiting with absolute anticipation of the carnal act I am about to preform your attention fully on me. I stand up and sit on the edge of the desk dangling my legs and spreading them wide I take the round disc end of the stethoscope that doctor’s and nurses place on patients to hear with and gently push it inside me then I hand you the hearing end and motion for you to put them in your ears. You do and you listen as I contract the walls of my pussy mmmmmm That is how I play with my stethoscope. You might say I have a magic pussy…. I bet you wanna taste it…like I said my exam room is always open. XXXXXXCreamyCrissyXXXXXXXXXX 1*888*430*2010