Master Paul

February 20, 2008

Master Paul

Hello and welcome to my playhouse. My name is Master Paul and I will not accept being called anything less. I am a firm but fair Master and expect your total submission to ME. I  really enjoy whipping your ass or torturing your pathetic little cock .Do you like being totally dominated or being forced into feminization? Then Iam the Master you are looking for. So call me and let me make your fantasies come true. Master Paul 1-888-430-2010
March 8, 2008

sissy cock suckers

  I made one little sissy bitch post himself an ad over on some online classified places offering her sissy cock sucker up so he can get practice. He begged to worship my cock but when it came down to doing it he was absolutely clueless. A pity too because he had painted his lips all up nice and cocksucker red. Maybe he will get some practice and call me back. He did e-mail me to tell me that he had found at least one stand in cock to practice on. <smile> I do like a slave eager to learn.  Master Paul
May 18, 2008

Slave Boy

One of the funniest things I like to do is get the sissy boys that I have to crossdress. To see a little boy all dressed up in drag and being humiliated means I am going to have all sorts of good laughs. Seeing them in panties and hose with a hint of leather and lace makes sure they know their submissive role in our relationship. A superior Dominant like myself will know the difference between a gay man seeking just a little bondage and a gay man wanting some other kind of kinky fetish.        Master Paul  
May 25, 2008

Yes you do

You know my desire is your command and you want to fulfill it. All you sissies bi boys fags painsluts and bondage freaks know this. Oh yes I do get my pleasure from watching you fulfill my lustfulness. Will you want to do this for Me yes will be your answer. So fuck me suck me dress up in your frilly little dresses or feel My wrath if I am not pleased. Phone Master Paul Yahoo IM me:PhoneMasterPaul 1-888-938-7382
June 6, 2008

Its Your Ass

 On my latest session I was requested to see how my toy I could use in one hour. Well that sounded like a challenge to me so off I got started on his well padded ass. Starting with my bare hand to get him warmed up next came the six wooden paddles of various sizes then came the eight different crops I own that leading to the three leather straps and next came floggers four were used then it got to cream or the crop the single tail whip to finish him off. I got a good feeling he got one very red sore ass. So next time you ask so much you never can really tell how much you are going to get.            Master Paul
June 13, 2008

What I want

What do I want out of a slave? Well lets start out like this I rule with a leather fist so to speak.I like doing cbt and watching  them howl.Also I like to crossdress  and humiliate them have them under my feet and putting the sissies in their pretty little dresses and be the Dominating real man they desire. So come and worship Me!   Master Paul
June 27, 2008


So you think you know the national pastime? Nope its not baseball its now my balls in your face and wouldn’t you much rather see that? Can your faggot ass imagine a much more pleasant sight? So get down on your knees and open your cum drooling mouth and you can just smell my sweaty balls as you anticipate being able to suck my throbbing cock. Dream on little man you have not earned that right yet and don’t even think of jerking off. So sit back and enjoy our new pastime.         Master Paul  
July 5, 2008


      As I entered the room all I could see was him standing there in the nude with a pair of handcuffs and a blindfold. I told him to kneel down with his face on the floor. Here was this cocksucking faggot desiring to be my little sissy with his ass stuck in the air and all I could really think of was the way his ass cheeks spread out in that lovely vertical smile. I asked him again if he still wanted to be a sissy that served under Me and all I could hear was just that muffled yes Master. As the night worn on I degraded humiliated and spanked him. It was nice to say he made the grade and now serves Me. But what I do remember the most was his vertical smile. Your true Master,  Paul
July 27, 2008

Mind and Body

A short time ago a subbie slave of mine told me that he would give me his mind and body to use as I please. I am sure that he was giving me total control of his life and would obey my commands and desires. So there would be a test to prove to Me that he could fulfill his desire to hand over his life to Me. The test was for him was a long and grueling week and he passed and was added to the stable of slaves for Me to use a my disposal. So are you ready to hand your life over to your Master.    Master Paul