Nurse Betty

March 11, 2012

AB/DL Door Sex Swing

This swing is so much fun my AB/DL door sex swing I used on my kinky little one while he had his diaper on *giggle*  I made him my little bitch in training I swigged him from one side to the next while he took my strap an far in his ass.  He couldn’t stop Cumming in his wittle diaper. What a night. He put on a strap on and as he was on the swing I fucked his ass real good. After a few minutes rest I started again and this time I really enjoyed making him scream my little private bitch I had just can forget his face as I rammed his has for more than twenty minutes I loved it so much.  So if you want your AB/DL door sex swing experience Call your Mommy Sophia. 1*888*430*2010    
August 2, 2012


They line up waiting on the long boards they are directed to walk to each one dressed the same as all.The crowd is whispering until they see them walking the line and looking down into the crowd.As each slave in told to come foreward the crowd gets even louder.The women loves the looks of the new slaves being auctioned off.The training of these slaves will be very  tiresome some will be trained to be sex slaves,foot,body,cuckold,stocking,shoe,etc and mainly just whatever these women want them to be these slaves are here to be auctioned off and to make sure they give the upmost pleasure to their owners if not then they will go and be auctioned off at another place that they would not want to be. Doris 1.888.430.2010
August 3, 2012

Sexynurse plays with stethoscope

I am sexynurse Crissy and my exam room is always open. I love to wear the skimpiest little daringly low-cut red latex nursing dress and these lacey black thong panties. I get so turned on with your eye’s on me like that looks like you wanna bend me over this desk and put your hands in my panties feeling the sweet juices that are makeing thoes lacey panties so soaking wet at the thought of your body pressed against mine and vigorously pounding my hot snatch from behind. You then walk over to me and do just that bend me over so my sexy tight ass is in the air then you reach around the front of me with both hands you tear open my dress causing my breast’s to bounce free. You pull and pinch my nipples wetting your fingers for the added effect of sensation on me,you reach for my lacey thong,pull it aside and you pulverise me with your hard dick. I start to moan and match each of your thrusts making you enter my hot snatch even deeper. We have body pounding sex against the desk for a while then you grunt loudly as you explode inside me. I wanna show you what I do with my stethoscope I say breathlessly. You look at me with such curious mischief and I wonder if your ready for this? Waiting with absolute anticipation of the carnal act I am about to preform your attention fully on me. I stand up and sit on the edge of the desk dangling my legs and spreading them wide I take the round disc end of the stethoscope that doctor’s and nurses place on patients to hear with and gently push it inside me then I hand you the hearing end and motion for you to put them in your ears. You do and you listen as I contract the walls of my pussy mmmmmm That is how I play with my stethoscope. You might say I have a magic pussy…. I bet you wanna taste it…like I said my exam room is always open. XXXXXXCreamyCrissyXXXXXXXXXX 1*888*430*2010
February 4, 2013

Milky Milky

ABies can be nasty naughty little things. Always trying to put their hands down their diapers and tugging on their weewees until they’re sticking out and then getting them to squirt all over the inside of their dirty diapers. Filthy little ABies! When I’m babysitting I’m very strict about exactly what kind of fun my adult babies are allowed to have. Any little bit of misbehavior and there is absolutely no special fun allowed for my bad ABies. Of course, I know adult babies who aren’t allowed to play with themselves, or with their hot and teasing sitters, still need to get all that sticky messy cum out. So what I have to do is milk their dirty little weewees. I set them up on their changing mat and put on a latex glove before I open up their diaper to see their pathetic little weewee. Milking is a very laborious process. You have to get a firm grip at the base, then squeeze and roll upwards till you reach the shiny pink head. Once you’ve got your rhythm down you feel it become easier, pulling and stretching while your naughty ABy lies there confused and crying. Soon enough the tip begins to ooze, slowly at first, then more steadily as it drips all over my gloved hand. It’s important to get every last little drop out when you’re milking ABies. Otherwise you might catch them, hand down their diapering huffing and puffing while they tug on themselves hehehe. Nasty little things! xoxo Samantha 1.888.430.2010
April 13, 2013

Sucking on my titties

You saw me at that club down the street what you would not give to pull me into a dark corner of that club & pull my top & my bra down letting my bouncy titties loose so you could suck on em like an adult baby at his mommy’s nipple. Wrapping your warm tongue all over every inch of each breast you take your time nibbling each nipple first lightly then harder as you get harder. I feel you pull me into the bathroom and press your body against mine so I can feel your rock hard dick against my thigh. You whisper in my ear”You want me?” I moan back ” Oh yes!” Then you pull my legs apart rip my panties off with your teeth like a wild beast you shove your cock into my hot& wet waiting pussy, in and out your pummel my pantie purse like the naughty night club slut I am! Oooh what a nite! Crissy 1*888*430*2010
June 10, 2013

Naughty nympho’s

I have 2 very naughty nympho friend’s who love to pick up random people at bar’s. The one is named Stacie she enjoys playing small penis humiliation game’s and the other is named Gabriela who enjoys strict punishment’s. It was last night that I decided to go out with my devious girls and see what all the fuss was about. Gabi picked up right away on a skinny weak looking guy who was off in the corner watching all the action from far away. There was couples huddled in sweaty tangles all over the place in that dark bar. Stacie spied her prey staring at her perky tits and looking like he would go through serious pain just to smell her perfume. Stacie thought Oh and so he shall. Stacie and Gabi snared their entertainment for the night and we slipped out of the lair of Lust. Once we got into the house Gabi took her guy into the living room and danced in front of him he was smiling till she stood beside him and bent him over the chair, saying softly ” You really want me I bet?” He looked up and nodded “Let’s see how bad you want me.” She spun him to face her &pulled his jeans off and his hard cock sprang out. “That is not a very nice thing to do exposing yourself in front of me, Naughty,Naughty!” She pulled a pink pair of wet panties out and started to slap his cock with them “Down Boy”she said playfully. I smiled as I left them to the scantily clad scene, and went to watch Stacie and her fuckdoll they were in the kitchen he was quite drunk and nude from the waist down in plastic wrap with a small hole where his tiny penis flopped down. Stacie was in a waist corset and shiny black stockings with her heel pressed against his little bitty peepee. “Look at how it hang’s to one side don’t you think its awfully tiny Crissy?” she said. I said ” Oh yes I could hang my key’s on it.” I laughed and started to snap the plastic wrap that adorned this unlucky stranger with my small whip. He yelped, with pain. We will see just how long you will last. My night with the girls was pretty wild and dirty, think I will do it again real soon. Crissy 1*888*430*2010
June 22, 2013

Latex Fetish

Oh my sissy loves her latex so much she drools when she thinks of her latex laying in wait for her when she gets home from work.She can’t wait to get her toys out and her latex and get all dressed up for me.I so enjoy having her to dress up just like the little sissy she really is.And listen to her suck that pacifer just as if it was a nice big cock in her mouth that she dreams of someday.But for now she enjoys her latex and diapers and toys and dressing up for me and watching certain video’s that she is allowed to watch. Because she never knows what kind of punishment i might have in store for her if she disobey’s me and we can’t have that now can we my little latex sissy. Minnie 1.888.430.2010
June 27, 2013

dirty beach boyfriend

I see you over there watching me from behind that tree maybe you are watching me that thought makes me,feel so sexy & powerful. I wonder if you would like it if I started putting my hand down beneath my bikini bottom, I pull it aside so my silky pussy lips are exposed for you to see. I am so turned on now I lean back in the water and I arch my back feel’s so good the water cover’s my soft thigh’s I really need to play with my tit’s now being so horny from this feeling of your hand’s touching me I untie my top and my perky tit’s are exposed. Awake with need I imagine you laying me down on the sand and pulling my legs apart slipping your tongue in my bikini bottom and exploring my hot,wet clit. Oooh, yeahhh be my dirty beach boyfriend we can roll around in the sand all night long! Crissy 1*888*430*2010
August 14, 2015

Caught You Masturbating!

Dear Diary, my adult baby got into some trouble the other day… I had just finished changing his wet diaper and left to go heat up a bottle of milk for him. When I came back into the nursery to feed him, I heard the strangest sound… It was like skin slapping and a plastic crinkly sound. I looked around and what did I see? My adult baby doing some naughty things to himself! “Mommy caught you masturbating again?!” I exclaimed in disbelief, hands on my hips, looking very stern. He looked frightened, as he should be, and the guilt on his face was evident. I knew I had to inflict a punishment that was sure to make him realize who is in charge here! I put him in a lacy, pink dress with some cute white stockings to go underneath and a dainty pair of mary jane shoes. Only mommy masturbates you unless you ask permission! It is a lesson that little sissy won’t soon forget! XOXO, Barb 888 – 938 – 7382