May 3, 2008

See What You Made Me Do?

lol, I would never really do this.  I mean, really, who wants to go to jail? However, I do not like bad little boys.  I take that back, I love bad little boys.  You see I’m a babysitter, and I specialize in bad little things.  I tease, taught, humiliate and laugh at them, then the best part, I get to discipline them.  I’m the one your Mommy and Daddy call when they have had enough of your shit.  I can’t wait to watch you *evil laugh* Mandy
May 4, 2008

Two Giantess Women

Tara and I had not seen a man this small before. He was tiny. I wondered so many things where did he come from? How did he get so small? Were there more like him? He seemed completely terrified. He didn’t know whether to go to us for help, or run for his tiny life. Tara scooped him up before he could make up his own mind. “Awwwww, where did you come from?” she asked him. He just shook in fear of the two Giantess women that held him in their hands together. We had a little time to think on what we could do with our new friend. We both smiled at him, our smiles wide and huge against his micro body. He began to cry seeing the size of our mouths.   Giantess Emma
May 6, 2008

Forced Furry Fuck

Whenever I put on my fursuit it makes my pussy really wet. Of course I have had it altered for maximum pleasure. I love hardcore, animalistic rough sex play. You know in the animal world, most of the females are forced to endure some kind of rape. Mmm that gets me hot. Force me down and bite my neck, slipping your cock in. Give me a call so you can hear me yowl and fight, but don’t worry, secretly, I will be enjoying it as much, if not more than you. Lacy Kitty
May 15, 2008

Naughty AB girl

Daddy, I have been a bad girl. I wet my panties again. Are you going to spank me and put me back into my diapers? I may cry and try to get away, but you want to know a secret? When you put me over your knee and spank my bottom, it makes my little pussy so wet. But you know that already don’t you daddy? That’s why you take me into your room for special time. I want all my daddy’s attention and I will do anything to get it.  ~ AB Lacy
May 17, 2008

Breast and Belly Inflation

  Somehow you have cast a strange spell on me. You were trying for a spell to make me grow to Giantess proportions but it only worked on two body parts. So my legs, feet, torso, face and everything is staying the same normal size. Suddenly though my belly and breasts are growing at a massive speed. I was asleep when you cast the spell, but the sensation in my body wakes me up. I detect the guilt on your face immediately.” What did you do?” I demand as my body grows beyond the clothes and they rip and fall away. Hmm I wonder what I will use my newly grown parts to do to you. I think next time you will think before you act. If there is a next time for you.   Kisses, Emma
June 10, 2008

cooling off

need some help trying to stay cool in the hot weather we are having then come to me i will help cool you down. maybe with some water pouring over you or maybe with a real good fucking. and then maybe with both would love to get into the water with you and fuck for as long as you could stand it.come then and let me cool you off. check me out at phoneamommy or madisonsdirtysecrets grannny minnie
June 17, 2008


Grandma Doris is going to dress you up like that dirty lil cocksucking whore I know you really are. You are going to get the complete slut treatment: bra, panties, miniskirt, fishnets, and fuck me high heels and of course lots of dick sucking red lipstick! Wanna know what you are going to do next? Well then give me a call and find out! 1 888 430-2010
June 24, 2008

Granny loves to fuck young boys

            Have you ever thought about what it would be like to fuck your granny?  Ever wonder if she’s a good cock sucker? After all she’s been having sex longer than anyone you know right?  Ever peek under granny’s skirt or sniff her panties in the hamper?  Well wonder no more call me and let’s explore all the possibilities of what it would be like when granny catches you watching her in the shower when you walk in on granny and her dildo….after all you could offer her the real thing instead of that plastic dildo and besides you’re supposed to help the elderly tehehehehe   1 888 430-2010  
June 25, 2008

Nanny Rachel Here

Nanny Rachel here to take care of all you bad boys. Think i don’t know what you have been doing i know everything about little boys like you. you like to play with the cock of your’s don’t you. i saw you looking up my skirt.well come to Nanny Rachel she has something in store for you my little one.i will make you lick my tight pussy while cuming all over your face as part of your punishment.want to find out what else i have in mind for you nasty boy then call me at phoneamommy.com. i am sure you won’t like it but i will.hehehee nanny rachel