adult baby fetish

August 14, 2008


I had an AWESOME call with a babyfur buddy. We talked about all kinds of things. He even gave me a few tips on making diapers for my fursuit. He is a cute lil wolfie cub. It is so much fun to just kick back and chat about our lifestyle, especially if you don’t have alot of friends and family that are very understanding. We are also going to set up a very elaborate rol play for next time through email. I can’t wait. Lacy Kitty
July 4, 2015

Somethings are just hard to swallow

It was the second time I was meeting him. The first was the hottest most energizing sex I had for a long time. Andreas was sitting on the couch watching me taking my jeans off and nodded to me to come closer. I obeyed tiding up my thong on the way. I was already wet and was waiting for another great fuck. He hugged me around the waist and pulled me near. His hands pulled at my butt-cheeks as he played with my asshole. “I own this ass. He said with his always serious, angry tone of voice. I was used at hearing that kind of stuff but,  it always hurt so at first I was annoyed and I pushed him away with no good result. Don’t be silly!!” I replied still pushing You don’t own me…I am here with my free will. My thong was pulled down, a finger dug into my asshole and I was alarmed and shaken by the force he used. “I bought you for 3000 Marks from your boyfriend… “He traded you…. That’s sick Andreas, I am not a prostitute!! You are sick!…I wouldn’t fuck you like that for all the money in the world. He was amused with my attempts to escape and my objections on the matter and kept fingering my ass and took big licks of my pussy. He took his heavy thick cock out from his trousers and he bended me over on the back of the couch. “Hold your butt open bitch…. All that dirty talked and pushing around was very arousing. Because all my guys were like that, sometime I doubted my self esteem but because I only had good sexual experiences I never payed to much attention. I spread my ass and waited for his invasion but he wanted to work it even more. -Aaahhh! He slapped my ass hard with both hands and I felt the pain to the bones. My cheeks went back to their position and he opened them himself fingering my ass and cunt. “Spread em again Georgia!!! Don’t keep me waiting or I am going to fuck you again. No way I was going to let him fuck me again. He broke bricks and wood with this hand in karate and the last thing I wanted was to be at their moving end. He got on the sofa behind me and lowered his big muscular body until the tip off his dick tickled my pussy. I couldn’t wait for him to fuck me but his thick cock made me anxious of a painful penetration. He spit on my tight pussy so that he could get his hard cock it my tight hole. His huge palms gripped my shoulders and his cock pushed inside me again and again. I was always scared that he might hurt me because of his thickness but he was an excellent lover. He manage his speed and kept my pussy wet with his spit even licking my pussy like a dog before he started fucking it again. The feeling was good great that I let go of all my worries and let him do as he pleased to me. He sat on the sofa and stared up at me having me sit up on his cock. I liked this position a lot more cause I could look at him and kiss him while doing it. His hands were on my ass playing playing and rubbing my clit as his mouth swallowed my nipples. I was both gasping and sweating for a 10 good minutes ready to explode going up […]