June 16, 2012

Body Paint

I so enjoy playing with body paint love being painted all those wild and wonderful colors then having it  licked from my body.Having that tongue run all over me feels so good makes me squirm all over then i get to paint you don’t i yummy i get to do whatever i want to you don’t make you squirm also as i paint those balls and cock and then run my tongue up and down them.Feels good does it not you so enjoy playing with this dirty granny of don’t you.If not then you wouldn’t keep coming back for more and more hmm. Didn’t know what you were getting into did you when you walked into my bedroom and me just coming out of the shower.Oh but you should have had some thought or you wouldn’t have just walked in as you did i think you wanted to peek in on me in the shower but you ended up getting more than you ever dreamed of didn’t you now you love getting your body paint all over the place. Doris 1.888.430.2010
September 12, 2012

On his knee’s

He is forced to crawl across the floor to get what he wants from her he wants her so badly that he will do just anything to have her.She is his soul mate or so he thinks she has rebuffed him at everything he has tried to get her to be his nothing has worked so he came to this if he takes and strips everything off and bares himself to her body and soul will she see how much he cares for her. He isn’t too sure but he does it anyways as he is on the floor naked and waiting his thoughts to this woman that has captured him.She rarely smiles and when she does it lights up his whole world but when she isn’t smiling that he has stepped over some line her rage is uncontrol able.But he doesn’t care he wants her with everything in his body and soul. Doris 1.888.430.2010 awesome drawing : smalldrawings :
March 6, 2013

Submissive Island

The tiny boat has tossed and flipped every which way you seem to have been lost at sea forever with very little water and food has run out seems ages ago.You raise your eyes to the sun beaming down on top of you and the tiny boat something catches your eye like a flash. You raise up in the boat and look around there you see it a tiny dot far off it seems but its like life raft calling you to it. Sticking your hands into the sea you paddle toward it finally just as the sun starts going down you reach this tiny island.But it so good to see and feel something solid beneath your feet.Since you were lost all you had on your body was a pair of cut offs and even those were worst for wear now. Wondering even farther into the jungle a stream of water is coming down some rocks and thru some lush greenery so awesome you think.Taking your hands you dip water from the pool it has formed drinking like a starving man because that is what you are.Then a voice from no where says did i give you permission to drink looking up you blink she speaks again asking you did you have permission to drink.Standing on wobble legs you say no but i was very thirsty i have been lost at sea for awhile.She looks over you and tells you if you want to drink or eat anything on this island. You will beg for it first and she might let you if you are a good slave for her.If not you will wish you had stayed on that tiny little boat still lost at sea because she was going to punish you whenever you didn’t do exactly as she instructed. Victoria 1.888.430.2010
April 29, 2013


And you thought the nightmares you had as a child was bad until you met and agreed to become my slave the documents you agreed to sign was something unexpected.But you also realized that i would have to protect myself.Just that you wonder now what that you are strapped to the cross looking thing what is going to happen next you have already been spanking with a belt and that was very painful. You dart your eyes around seeing no one yet in sight then you hear those footsteps getting closer and closer then your told to keep your eyes down at all times that when you see those legs and heels and that crop she is holding and you shiver thinking what is going to happen now.Then your also told no to say a word that if you do the pain will only be worst for you.She looks at you but never smiles her eyes from what you can tell is blue but even at that your not sure.The only thing else she says to you is now your nightmares really begin and end with me.