January 5, 2013

Come share with abmommy

Come share with your ab mommy. You know you want to See that I know how to share. This night was so much dirty fun! My friend Anne and I were at a party with a lot of horny guys, I noticed you staring at my big tits so I walked over and said Hi. You led us both away from the other people and we both started getting so hot. So you suggested we strip our tops off, to cool off. So we did I noticed who big and juicy Anne’s nipples looked Before I knew it Anne and I were in this back room of the house drinking wine and tasting each others warm wet pussy’s. You just watched us for the longest time. Until you felt like you were man enough to join us. You started by coming up behind me and grabbing my big tits then Anne started feeling left out so she reached for your big cock and started rubbing it nice and slow. Finally you thought I am with […]
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