March 17, 2014

Hot tub pussy

I thought I was all alone just a few minute’s in the public hotel hot tub with my back to the wall and movie aside my bikini bottom just a bit positioned my excited pussy right in front of the tub jet. In all my moaning as the woosh of warm,bubbly water blast’s my throbbing clit I never heard the door open and it was so dark I only felt the water move when he got behind me. He slipped my top off my tit’s bounced right out and then he put his hand over my mouth to keep me from screaming. He spread my leg’s real wide and yanked my bikini bottom’s down hard pushing up against me I felt his hard cock pound my hot box and at the same time the bubbly water surged against my clit, ahhhh I came as he did. Finally he turned me toward him and I drank in the muscular arm’s and he said” Not done with you yet.” He boosted me up to the side of the tub and spread my thigh’s wide as he licked my pussy I writhed with joy! He squeezed my tit’s so much I was marked for a few day’s with his hand print’s. Mmm, I wanna give more of my hot tub pussy maybe too you reader cum & play with me! Crissy 1*888*430*2010
September 26, 2012

Ms.Milf & the case of the missing panties

Ms.Milf and the case of the missing panties is under investigation. Mommy crissy put her sexy black sheer nightie on with her trench coat,open just enough to reveal her righteous tits with her perky nipples. Makes your mouth water does’nt it thinking about these nice tits in that sheer black fabric clinging just the right way? The suspects were waiting nervously pacing in front of Ms.Milf Mommy Crissy knowing the sexiest detective was on the case & she always gets her man! “It was you was’nt it”? I pointed my finger at the 1st criminal he had a hard time covering up his guilty erect cock. “hahahha,your hard-on does not lie I bet you came in through my window & made sure I was not home yet & pilfered through my pantie drawer, One pair just was not enough”!! “You just had no other way of feeding your need,you could have waited till I was home then I would have gladly modeled all of them and you could peel them down to my ankles with your teeth.” The other naughty one ran out the door while I had my back turned interrogating my suspect. “I mean who know’s I said rubbing his big dick that was struggling against the front of his boxers to spring forth, “we could have had a lot of dirty naked fun time if you would have just told me what you wanted!!!” I pulled him over my lap feeling his erection even more fiercely against […]
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