May 3, 2008

See What You Made Me Do?

lol, I would never really do this.  I mean, really, who wants to go to jail? However, I do not like bad little boys.  I take that back, I love bad little boys.  You see I’m a babysitter, and I specialize in bad little things.  I tease, taught, humiliate and laugh at them, then the best part, I get to discipline them.  I’m the one your Mommy and Daddy call when they have had enough of your shit.  I can’t wait to watch you *evil laugh* Mandy
May 18, 2008

Slave Boy

One of the funniest things I like to do is get the sissy boys that I have to crossdress. To see a little boy all dressed up in drag and being humiliated means I am going to have all sorts of good laughs. Seeing them in panties and hose with a hint of leather and lace makes sure they know their submissive role in our relationship. A superior Dominant like myself will know the difference between a gay man seeking just a little bondage and a gay man wanting some other kind of kinky fetish.        Master Paul  
June 13, 2008

What I want

What do I want out of a slave? Well lets start out like this I rule with a leather fist so to speak.I like doing cbt and watching  them howl.Also I like to crossdress  and humiliate them have them under my feet and putting the sissies in their pretty little dresses and be the Dominating real man they desire. So come and worship Me!   Master Paul
August 11, 2008

I Love Older Men

I love the attention that only an older man can give me… the way they appreciate a hot teen girl’s body, and how they can take command of me! It just makes my cunny SO WET when a dirty old man shows me just how hot I get him by pulling out his hard dick and telling me just exactly what to do with it! I can be your little fucktoy, too…. rolling my tongue around your cockhead and slurping it down my throat, then showing you my tight ass and poonie and letting you pick which hole you’d like to cum in! What is my preference, you ask? Why, BOTH, of course!!!   See you soon 🙂 Izzie
August 18, 2008


                                      I would love to be your sweet little thing, getting down on my knees, sliding my tongue and mouth up and down your hot, hard cock! Mmmm, how’s that feel?! Good, I know it does! Wanna know what I really like? I like sucking on balls and tasty cum! Is that naughty of me? It makes me so wet just thinking about your cock and balls in my mouth that I can’t help but cream my jeans! Wanna feel what’s down my panties? Ooh yeah baby, I like that! Don’t you just love my smoothe little cream pie just for you! Go ahead and taste my juices. I taste SO yummy! Wanna know how I know that? Hehe, because I’ve tasted them myself before just lapped it up! I’ve licked myself right off any cock that’s found its way inside me. Cum taste me 😛 Izzie 1 888 430-2010
August 25, 2008


My name is Isabella and I am a 18 years old. I started college this past fall and it’s my first time away from home. I don’t know why I enjoy phonesex so much, but I am obsessed with it! It could be because of what happened to me when I was younger. See, when my parents would go out of town my older brother would be in charge of me. He used to come in my bedroom late at night and crawl in my bed with me. He would take his hand and cover my mouth and threaten me if I said a word. He said that if I told my parents what he did to me he would do bad things to me so I didn’t say anything! He would take his hand and cover my mouth and rip my panties off of me. He would shove his fingers deep in my pussy and till’ the pussy juice would run down my legs. He also would take his cock out of his pants and make me lick it. He was always hard and the tip of his cock would just touch my lips and it would explode, shooting cum all over my face. He’d then force me to lick it all up. And still, after all of this, he would turn me over on my stomach and squeeze his cock up my ass! At first I didn’t like it but the day he slid his cock in my pussy and popped my cherry I got addicted! I would wait for him to come in my room …my pussy would ache for him …I would crave his hands touching me…the taste of his cum…he made me into a little slut! I would beg him to fuck me!! Now that I am away at college, I miss the nightly visits….and so he and I have our holiday visits…I am now the campus slut! I love to go to the keg parties and take a couple guys into a room and let them have their way with me! I especially love it when they fill up every hold in my body….cum oozing everywhere! Give me a call! Let me be your little teen slut! Cum play with me 🙂 1 888 430-2010           
September 1, 2008


When I was 8 I lied and told my Dad I had a bite on my chooch and would he take a look at it.  I had no bite, I just wanted to trick my dad in to pulling my panties down and looking at my pussy.  I will never forget the look on his face and how wet it made me knowing his face was that close to pussy lips…I made him examine me closely to make sure I had no bites.  I made my daddy run his fingers over my pussy lips looking for the bite.  His fingers were soaked with my pussy juice.  “Daddy I think it’s a bee sting inside my pussy and your going to have to suck the sting out with your lips….. Kisses Izzie  1 888 430-2010
September 5, 2008

Sharing a sissy

     Well  Mistress Veronika and I finally had our little sissy to call us. The naughty girl bypassed coming to chat and she did make it up by calling though. I heard Veronika telling me to hang on while she connected the three of us and then I heard this soft sissy voice. The Mistress made sissy introduce herself and I did the same. Then it was time to give her what she came for. Sissy got down on her knees and Mistress guided her for her first time like that. It was wonderful to get to work with Mistress Veronika again, and to meet a new playmate.   Master Paul
September 8, 2008


When I want to get nasty, I get so hungry for dick! I love to be pushed down and have my face fucked, your balls resting on my chin and my finger pressing around your asshole. Gagging and choking on that thick dick makes my pussy just drip….. But that’s not all this hardcore slut likes: my ass yearns for some attention too! Spread my cheeks and get ready for one tight fucking hole and one unforgettable FUCK! Isabella 1 888 430-2010