February 10, 2013

Home Invasion Fantasy phone sex

This is one of those fantasies that can go any which way. Whether it be you and I kicking in some poor innocent victims door and having our way with her or forcing her to watch while we make other family members play. But for this post I want to focus on just us. No one else… I am alone in the house. Happily going about my business, thinking I am quite alone and content. But little do I know that you have been casing my house. Planning just the right moment. As I get my bubble bath ready, pouring a glass of wine, slipping out of my robe to enter the warm water, I hear a sound. The sound of breaking glass. I think to myself “oh great, that darn cat knocking things over again”. But as I enter the kitchen to see what mess that blasted animal has made this time, I see nothing knocked over. I scan the room slowly to figure out what it was that fell and broke when I hear the cat scratching at the back door. What the heck? I let him in a bit unnerved now. I slowly start to walk through the house investigating where that sound came from. I pick up a baseball bat out of the closet. I walk into the living room, right past you hiding around the corner. Then I see it, the broken pane in my front door where you smashed it to let yourself in. […]
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