May 31, 2012

Capture fantasy

mommy’s naughty secret  gets her all hot and botherd I love to touch my hot tight pussy in public places. when I can be sure no one see’s me but I know your watching me. Your always not far from where I am. I just know your thinking about the capture fantasy u have about putting the rag over my soft red lips me becoming un-concious, and picking me up and putting me over your back carrying me home. watching me sleep and smileing about all the plans you have for me while you drive me to your house in the middle of nowhere. Carrying me in to your house like a new toy you just got. Laying me out on the red bedspread and takeing picture’s of me in my short purple skirt and low cut blouse with no panties,laying helpless for your view of all my warm inviting flesh. you lay down next to me and softly caress my face then down to my neck and then my breast then let your finger’s trail my inner thigh and you wet your middle finger and spread the soft fold’s of my sweet pussy and finger my clit. I sigh just a bit and move closer to your fingers. Your cock get’s very hard and it really want’s my nice hot pussy to be warm in. you lean down and rip my skirt and put your face full in my muff and lick and flick and suck my juices. I […]
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