male dominance

October 4, 2019
discipline spanking, disobedient female

Discipline Spanking for a Misbehaving Wife

I’ve had some sexual spankings before, a little foreplay before the main event or some hard smacks against my ass when I’m on all fours. A few days ago, though, I got a spanking that wasn’t sexual in the least… but it was the best one I’ve ever gotten. I was arguing with my husband and he was ruining it by bringing up things that I wanted to disagree with but couldn’t really do it, so I decided to act like a complete bitch and roll my eyes at him, saying that he was being dramatic and stupid.  I had been acting out the past few days before that, and that was the last straw for my husband.  He grabbed a hairbrush off my dresser, put me across his lap, my skirt flipped up to my waist, and it didn’t matter how much I struggled. Usually that dominant display would have gotten me wet, but I was too pissed right then, and when that brush started coming down on my ass I squealed and tried even harder to get off his lap! He just kept going though, a slow, steady application of that brush to my skin that stung and smarted.  At first it just hurt, but after ten minutes or so the burn seemed to settle into my skin and flesh, at twenty it started hurting. I lost count after one hundred, and that’s around the time that the pain seemed to flatten out and my mind cleared. When […]
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