July 6, 2012

Shoe fetish slut

There once was a sexy babe called crissy and I am a shoe fetish slut,she was blond,horny. I am very into hanging with a unique crowd. One night I went to a seedy motel and walked in the room she was told to go into and there on the bed was a man that was layed across the bed covered in all kinds of different ladies shoes. There was stiletto heels and lace-up black pattened leather boots in all sorts of colors. He looked up at me and said “Oh,boy your here,great let me see you slowly take off your clothes and remove thoes fabulous heels!!! I stared at him and smiled and then I started to unhook my corset top showing my beautiful tits in my lacey black bra. I notice his hard dick popping out of the pile of shoes laid out on top of him. I started to slide out of my short black skirt exposing my lacey thong. He moaned on the bed getting so turned on. I stood before him in my bra and panties and waited he got up and walked over to where I stood and got down on all fours layed on his back with his face directly under my wet thong. He reached up and pulled my thong aside to reveal my hot shaved pussy and he leaned up and tongued my wet clit. just as I was about to close my eyes he stopped and got up to walk over to the bed and grabbed a very expensive black stiletto with sparkley sequins and he rubbed it all over my hot pussy and then proceeded to sniff and lick the shoe and masturbate behind me. “Say don’t I look hot in these heels!” I looked at him and then repeated the phrase and he orgasmed and fell back into a chair. I left the room as he feel asleep. mmmm another happy customer. xxxxxxxxxCrissyXXXX
August 14, 2012

Sexy soaked mommy

I am a sexy soaked mommy that is waiting for my daddy to plow my hot pussy with his big dick. He does not even have to tell me he is here, he can just come right into the bathroom and cover my eyes with a  blindfold,breathe into my neck and softly say” I am gonna bite your big nipples.”  My heart races at this statement he has made to me I start to feel him lower himself into the big wide bathtub with me and position himself just behind me. He pulls my blindfold off so I can watch what he is going to do to me. We are pressed so close together I can smell his cologne it is very irresistible. His hands wrap around me now and his fingers are lingering on my pussy pinching my swollen clit & exploring the depths of my pussy with his experienced fingers. Ahhhh I let out a bit of a moan.  “YES,daddy that is right where I need to be handled!” The pace of this delicious finger fucking gets faster and faster then just before I feel like I can take it no longer like my dam is going to flow he stops and he turns me around lowers his head toward my big nipple and encircles it with his tongue making me shiver and squirm & I feel his teeth close around my hard nipple and he love bites me hard. I reach down and grasp his big dick and start a slow deliberate stroke he is so very hard and then he continues his finger fucking we so immersed in our play ! Come on get immersed in me now! Crissy 888*938*7382