naughty fun

January 28, 2013

Sneaky Lacy

I did something just a wee little bit naughty this week! I was just about to have some special Lacy time (hehehe) when Daddy said we were going to have lunch over at one of my ABy friends houses. Well I had already gotten myself soooo excited that I couldn’t just get up and go to lunch without having a little bit of fun! I picked one my little but mighty vibrators and stuck it down my diaper between my little pussy lips, and I ran downstairs to leave with Daddy! When we got to our ABy friends house, I slipped into an empty room and put my hand down my diaper and turned my little pink vibrator on. I knew right away that it was on wayyy to high hehehe, but Daddy came in to get me before I got a chance to turn it down! My legs were like jello while I felt myself get completely soaked in my diaper! Daddy told me and my ABy friend to go play while lunch was getting fixed. I just knew that ABy Tony could tell something was up with me hehehe! He asked how come my cheeks were all pink and I was squirming around. I started giggling and almost couldn’t stop to catch my breath while I told him that I had snuck a little toy in my diapy! Tony was so curious he asked if he could play with his diaper while he watched me squirm in mine […]
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