October 11, 2012

Domina Crissy & the watcher

I got a hot little tale to tell you my reader Domina Crissy & the watcher hope u are ready to be naughty with me. I know your watching me right now peeping in my window as I slip out of my corset and panties. You get instantly hard as you watch my reflection in the full length mirror I stand there admiring my nakedness you see my nice big breasts with my round pink nipples then you start to fantasize what it would be like to suckle my sweet nipples. Looking further down past my firm abs is my shaved pink pussy. You wanna lap at my hot little clit and make me scream don’t you? Maybe when I am sleeping you would like to tongue my nipples. I turn around in the mirror & you duck out of sight. I leave the room and run my bath then when you hear my bathroom door close you open my window and slip inside the room. The first thing you do is pull my sticky,wet panties off the chair I left them on and take a nice long whiff of my juices. You creep closer to the bathroom door ,listening for any sounds I make. You do not hear anything so u assume I am relaxing in the serenity of my bubbles. So you start to feel even braver you sit down on the chair in front of my mirror cover your face with my panties and pull your hard cock out of your pants & wrap my panties around your cock as you are pretending your buried deep in my welcoming,warm & wet pussy with every jerk of your cock your eyes close in lust of this dirty moment your having with yourself. You do not notice me sneak into the room and come up behind you,I turn the chair around to face me you see me not wet from my bath but dressed to dominate in a full shiny black pvc catsuit with matching boots. I look at you and smile seductively”I see you started without me,guess I will have to teach you what happens when you try to go first with out your Mistress .” You gasp unsure of what to do or say next knowing you better choose your words carefully “What do u wish me to do,please instruct me mistress I am yours to command?” First things first I say “get rid of your clothes right now!” You immediately strip & stand in front of me holding your hard cock. ” I point to the panties you still have in your hand “Slip into them and do a sexy little dance for me show me how much you love to watch while I watch you!” Your nervous but you put the panties on & dance around the room never taking your eyes off me. I walk up behind you and grab your cock and whisper “Do u like being watched?” You nod and I tighten my grip on your hard cock “I bet this feels good,does’nt it having my hands on you?” I feel your cock throbbing in my panties and you make a sticky mess in them while I have you in my hand. I push you up against the wall unhook the top of my catsuit and start to rub my bare breast’s on your chest “You are gonna get hard again for me aren’t you?” I pull your panties down and shove them in your mouth. “Clean em off swallow every drop who knows you might get a reward for following my […]
July 7, 2013

A sexy diaper girl knocks on your door…

A sexy diaper girl knock’s on your door and you greet her with a horny smile.She looks so hot you think as you look her up and down you notice her skirt is just short enough to see her puffy white diaper. You have plans for her she looks so good then you lead her into the living room start slipping her coat off and then you drink her in as the coat fall’s to the floor. She has the sexiest body you have ever seen that tight white t-shirt cling’s to her full breast’s that is when she lays back on the couch and spreads her leg’s wide for you.Her tight pussy is in full view as you pull her diaper open and finger her wet slit then slip your tongue in and suck her clit harder and harder, lashing your tongue deeper inside her. She is grinding her thigh’s into your cheeks as her legs are over your shoulder’s. The moment hit’s you and you lean up and slip her top off and then bend her over the couch grabbing her tit with one hand and move her diaper to the side with the other. Your cock plunge’s into her pussy thrusting faster until you feel her orgasm erupting and you pull out and you blow your load all over her back and then watch as her juices pour out of her into her diaper and you lap up her juices from her diaper not leaving a drop. When you are done you change her and kiss her. What adventure’s will you diaper girl have next? Crissy 1*888*430*2010
July 22, 2013

Abie seduction

I had a real bad daddy he would watch me while I got un-dressed for bed at night. He licked his lips from the big chair in the corner of my room as I stood before him in just my panties. I looked over at him and put my hand on my hip and stood on my tiptoes arching my back a little so he saw how hard my nipples got when I was watching him watching me. “Daddy I said,are you gonna tuck me in nice and tight, tonight?” I asked innocently. He got up from his chair and walked up behind me and pulled me close to his massive hard cock I could feel it through his jeans rubbing mercilessly into my soft ass. “Baby girl I will make sure you are more than tucked in. first you have to get me ready for bed too.” He gently turned me around to face him and he let his fingers travel to my breast’s lingering on each of my nipple’s. little did daddy know I was the one seducing him. I reached down and pulled his jeans and his boxers off. Then daddy nodded as I got on my knees and took his cock into my mouth,mmm he tasted so so sweet! Maybe,next time we will make it to the bed. Crissy 1*888*430*2010