no taboo

May 3, 2008

Feast On Me

Make me your tasty little dish.  I love sick fantasies, gynophagia, snuff, serial killer, cannibalism or anything else you can come up with.  Want to rape me then cut me up? Fine, I’ll scream, and fight and struggle and cry.  Oh poor me.  How could you not want to dine on this piece of hot snatch?  If I could I would eat me too lol. One Fine Phone Fuck, Liz
May 13, 2008

hot girlfriend’s sweet snatch

Ok I am not a cuckold, nothing wrong with those that are either. I do get off on seeing my girl get rammed hard and the way she creams from me standing back and watching. If any guys want to phone fuck a sexy and creative piece of ass call us. Riley is both of those and so much more. I will let you know I am on the call, but only interact as much or as little as you wish. So get a hot body a tender voice with a dirty mouth all while her boyfriend sits it out on the sidelines. See how loud you can make her scream, and how much you can make her gag on your dick.   Jason   Jason&Riley couples phonesexxx 1-888-938-7382 10- min. quickie w/this couple —-$37.40
July 8, 2008

On Your Knees

thats right get on your knees like a good little sissy that you are. that is the place where you are suppose to be and i want to see you crawling across this floor like i told you. you don’t deserve to be walking crawl sissy like the dog you are. and if you are a good little sissy i might take you for a walk in the park and show everyone what a good little sissy dog you really are. now roll over and pant. you might even get a nice doggie treat. lmao don’t you look funny that is right you are just were you are suppose to be in the floor on your knees in front of me. rachel
July 14, 2008

on your knees part #2

thought i told you to crawl well it seems like you don’t listen very well do you or are you hard of hearing,well if that be the case i can help you out with that problem.* smack* across that ass should help you realize what i have been telling you. that you are nothing but a dog and will be treated as such.maybe this collar will help remind you just what you are hmm. rachel
July 23, 2008


can’t you see i am so hot and ready for you won’t you cum and help me out.i need that cock of your deep inside of me thrusting in and out cum make squirm i know you can and you really want to so call me baby  i am waiting. RACHEL 1-888-430-2010
July 29, 2008

bath time

is it time for a bathe my little one well come on and i will run a nice tub of warm water.i will give you a nice warm bathe and put some nice jammies on and tuck you into bed.and maybe if you like i can give you a nice warm bottle, with that nice diapered bottom you will sleep very good won’t you sweetie. DORIS
August 14, 2008


oh i bet you have just the most dirty thoughts when you look at me now don’t you? well that is ok with me i like dirty minds they can be so much fun. to play around with like when you think you have got me all figured out and i surprise you with something else different that can always be alot of fun. or maybe when you take that hard cock out of your pants and i run my tongue all up and down the shaft and head before taking him deep into my throat woo sounds good doesn’t it. but no worries it sounds good to me too. Doris
August 14, 2008


now who wouldn’t like to take their nice strong hands and rub them up and down these nice legs of mine. i would especially enjoy it if that was a nice young cock stroking me bringing it right up between my legs and putting it deep inside of me oh just thinking of it makes me want to cream on myself. want to help me fulfill that fantasy i would love for you to. Minnie
August 27, 2008

Anything Goes

hey there all you naughty boys have you ever had a nanny as dirty and naughty as i am bet you haven’t.i love my toys when i don’t have a man around to play with.i love to play with all kind of things i do love to get kinky. i wonder what kind of toys you would have for me to play with,if you have any cum and play with me.i promise to give you a really good time with or without those toys. Rachel